Cobb County Police Officer “We only Kill Black People” Has been TERMINATED


The White police officer who told a woman “We only kill Black People”, Lieutenant Greg Abbot will be fired! This was verified by his police chief on Thursday. And if you missed that Post CLICK HERE and you can access the video after the break. 

The funny part was even while the chief was announcing that Abbot was fired, Abbot was in his emails announcing that he was retiring. (Sidebar: Oh he knew he had fucked up) Commission Chairman Mike Boyce said. Boyce said it wasn’t clear how that development would affect plans to dismiss the officer. (Bwahahahhahaahaha they were going to fire you anyway after this story came out sir so you didn’t need to send an email resigning.)

The AJC Reports that Chief Register said, “I have known Lt. (Greg) Abbott for years and perceived him as honorable, but he’s made a mistake. I don’t know what is in his heart, but I know what came out of his mouth. We recommend that he be terminated and we are moving forward on that.”

The lieutenant has been on the force for 28 years.

The woman told Abbott that she is afraid to reach for her cell phone because “I’ve just seen way too many videos of cops … ” Then that was when Abbott cuts her off.

“But you’re not black,” he says. “Remember, we only shoot black people. Yeah. We only kill black people, right? All the videos you’ve seen, have you seen the black people get killed?”

The footage is from July 2016. Register took over as chief of Cobb police in June of this year.

At this afternoon’s press conference, Register said, “I wish Lt. Abbott well. But I think that was very inappropriate for any police officer to say that, but especially one of our leaders in the department.”


I personally am okay with hearing this, but let’s remember this does not make up for the murders of the hundreds or however many of Unarmed Blacks this year. I think this man deserves to lose his job and this was not okay, instead of ensuring the woman “Ma’am I am not going to kill you, I am not one of those cops.” He decides to say that ass of a statement. I don’t give a damn if it was SARCASM YOU DON’T JOKE LIKE THAT. That’s like me working at a call center job telling an older member “Oh you sound young and nice, so I’m not going to take your money out of your account today I’ll give you an extension on that bill,” As I said before any conversation amongst White People are always something they keep in secret and hope to don’t get out. If it does get out they will be caught putting out some form of bigotry and when you call them on it they say “IT’S A JOKE IT’S A JOKE” This has been stuff they have been saying under their breath for years and now are happy that they can open their mouths and say this.

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