WTF | DeMario Jackson and Corrine Olympios reconnect!

Okay, you know what, I’m done! Negroes will never learn ugh!

Recently Bachelor in Paradise competitor Corrine Olympios blamed her black penis lust on the pills that she was on after at first blaming Demario Jackson and then blaming production crew. She had finally admitted that DeMario was not in the wrong after Bachelor In Paradise Producers blamed DeMario Jackson of taking advantage of Corrine. Click Here in case you missed it (HERE)

This resulted in him being attacked by feminist, losing the show and receiving backlash.

In spite of all of this, the man didn’t learn anything and he just couldn’t keep trying. Corrine and DeMario were actually spotted together where the photo above was taken. Spotted in West Hollywood mugging for Paparazzi.

I don’t think this guy sees what is wrong with this whole story and what just happened. What is it does he need to be slapped in the face or hit by a car to come to his senses about this shit. As you can see in the video she is drunk again, what’s next OMG I KISSED DEMARIO LAST NIGHT, ORAL RAPE!!!! Black people, you are too damn passive. I wouldn’t have even allowed this woman back in my space at all after all of this bull shit. This is wrong, this woman just dug a hole for you attempted to put you in there, realized you were too heavy and let you sit on the side and now you’re willing to come back from the dead to put yourself in the grave. Now DeMario is waiting for some undertaker to bury him. I am officially done!

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