Former preist arrested for 43 charges of child molestation.

A former Catholic Preist has his charges packed up on top of him. What for? No other than child molestation/pedophilia. The same thing that they are famous for in this blood soaking cult.


David Joseph Perrett was charged with the fresh counts by Armidale detectives and now faces a total of 52 offenses, accused of abusing 16 different children.

Detectives allege Perrett, who was a Catholic priest in the New England, molested the children between 1970 and 1986.

He remains on conditional bail after the DPP tried unsuccessfully to have the now 80-year-old’s bail revoked in Armidale Local Court.

The DPP submitted that following the fresh charges, Perrett was an unacceptable risk of endangering the safety of victims, witnesses and the community and could interfere with witnesses.

A solicitor for Perrett said his client had significant health problems, submitting medical evidence to the court.

Magistrate Michael Holmes found Perrett was an unacceptable risk but they could be mitigated by strict conditions.

He ordered Perrett to live with family under house arrest in Armidale, and must not leave the address unless in the direct company of family.

Perrett is also prohibited from leaving the Armidale Regional Council area unless for legal appointments and must not approach any departure points out of the country or contact witnesses or any alleged victims.

He’s also been ordered not to go within 50m of schools or recreation areas or touch alcohol or drugs.

Mr. Holmes also ordered the former priest to post a cash surety.

Perrett is yet to enter pleas to the charges of buggery, two counts of sexual assault and commit an act of indecency, four counts of common assault and 45 counts of indecent assault on a male – the charges in place at the time of the alleged offending. -(Article From HERE)

Since the arrest 12 more alleged victims have come to the surface Like dead bodies in a lake.

Now here is my message to all of the people who like to come around me screaming “I’m a child of God.” That maybe so, but that does not mean that you are any better than me or that you have morals that make you any good. I trust no one even Christians who I do know have “so-called” morals because at the end of the day you can be just as bad as the devil. Let us also take into fact and consideration that this book was not written by God himself but written by White Politicians to support their patriarchal society.

This man looks like Herbert The Pervert from Family Guy and people would still call him docile, meek and mild. Only reason being is because he is a Christian who toats around a big ass bible and thumps his fingers against the pages to read it. They just didn’t know that he skips all across the parts that speak against Pedophilia. This is another reason I am against the whole concept of Christianity, the whole religion is immoral on its own and let the Christians tell it “RIGHTFULLY SO”.


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