Corrine Bailey claims that it was Drugs that made her Hook Up with DeMario Jackson.

It has now been four months since The Bachelor in Paradise has been shut down and closed production. The reason for this was because of a sex scandal that spread through the media like wild fire. People viewing Corrine as a helpless victim that was attacked by a vicious gorilla even though there was footage showing that this act was consensual. 


Well, Corrine like any other historical woman who made false accusations finally came forward saying that she believes that DE MARIO DID NOTHING WRONG! She says that it was the drugs that influenced her into having sex with Jackson.

In an authentic discussion with Chris Harrison Corinne explains,

“The first day, unfortunately, I don’t remember much of. I definitely over-drank. I did. I was also on some medication that you’re not supposed to drink on that I didn’t know. And, you know, the combination of the two…it’s not a good combination.”
“It can look like you’re totally present and you’re totally there. And your mind is not anywhere near. It impairs your judgment. It completely imbalances you. It’s just crazy.”
“I honestly don’t feel like [DeMario] did anything wrong, especially because everyone thought I was having fun and being Corinne. There’s just no way for you guys to know, ‘She’s, like, mentally checked out. Corinne is not here right now,’ which is beyond scary. But it is what it is, I guess. I don’t think it was anyone’s fault.”


Now previously I heard that this woman blamed producers saying that they were at fault because they sat there and filmed the whole sexual encounter and did nothing about it. I guess it now boils down to HER! Those producers in no way, shape or form could take the blame for that especially if you’re looking like you are consenting to sex with someone and enjoying it. Now she finally decides to take HALF of the blame. Blaming it on herself for taking the medication and blaming the medication for influencing her. At the end of the day, she only has herself to blame for taking it. What is she going to do next sue the manufacturer?

This woman goes in the catalog along with the other women who made false accusations and makes it hard for women who have actually been rape. Those who were actually assaulted are now probably having to go through the hassle and stress to even get a case started. This woman along with the Breana Harmons, Jemma Beale’s, Ruby Bates and Victoria Prices only make rape victims plights harder.

What made this situation even worse because it was a Black Man and a White Woman. This has been seen in the media (and in the production of films, games, articles, stories etc.) that the Black Man is hungry for the White Woman and will even go far as rape to get her chastity. For example, D.W. Griffin’s ‘Birth Of A Nation’ showed Black men attacking White Women just to get some vagina wrapped around his dick.

We now see that this  has forever been the case with White women who make false rape accusations against black men were either down for the cause and were upset that they got caught so they blamed some other outside influence or do the natural thing and say they were raped, hide the lie and watch this man be lynched. This is why I don’t trust interracial relationships between Black Men and White Women and, personally I would never entertain a White Woman at all in that way. These women have the upper hand and maybe dangerous.

Blacks (Men especially) need to think about the Emmett Till’s, The Scottsboro Boys and The Cleo Wrights of history and take notes from those situations, and if you don’t like history and want horror look at the movie CANDYMAN. Nothing has changed and nothing will change. People can jump on here and say that this was what my ancestors fought for and that integration is good, but I beg to differ. Yes, they fought for integration and things like interracial marriage but we now see that it is counterproductive and that it just doesn’ work AT ALL. It is all counterproductive and pointless.

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