My OPINION | Joel Olsteen Opening church to Harvey victims.

Again why are people shocked about White Christians. They have no remorse for Black people they only want you to pull yourself up by the boot straps and keep on moving.

Via Sandra Rose: Pastor Joel Osteen finally opened the doors of his Houston megachurch after catching heat for closing the $50 million

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church in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Osteen, 54, tweeted a prayer to everyone affected by the storm on Saturday, but he was criticized for shutting the doors of his megachurch for 3 days.

“Victoria & I are praying for everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please join us as we pray for the safety of our Texas friends & family,” Osteen tweeted on Saturday.

The prosperity preacher remained silent as others called for him to open the doors of his massive church for hurricane relief efforts.

“if you were a real Christian, you’d be opening your

doors to your displaced neighbors,” tweeted one user.

Another user tweeted: “How are you guys helping the storm victims in Texas right now?”

Others noted Osteen’s personal wealth is in the tens of millions of dollars, but instead of opening his doors, he is taking donations on his website.

A Twitter user wrote: “Here you go folks! You wanted Joel Osteen to take action, well he did. Church stays closed but send me your money!”

Okay, If this doesnt teach Black people about the non-beneficial religion known as Christianity, then I don’t know what will. Aside from all of the rape, abuse and that the wars that were done in the name of Christianity and it’s always justified by White and Black Brainwashed Christians.

It took “Massa Osteen” wouldn’t have opened those doors had it not been for the criticism that he faced. Need I remind you that this is the same man who voted for Donald Trump and that should be a clear indicator as to what he is about.

  1. He has no True interest in the Blacks or the people funding his church. If he did he would’ve opened those doors prior to the coming of this storm. Trust and believe this man is stealing your money HE HAD BETTER BOUGHT A T.V. or had payed his internet bill.
  2. He only opened his doors because he was facing criticism because had no one called him on his bulls**t then he would’ve just kept those doors closed. Then as usual with Black people they go back and forgives again And again and again. Just like the usual famous caucasoid person they apologize after their true colors has shown and now want to do the right thing as if that wasn’t their nature.
  3. This man is all about your money just like his husband Donald Trump because, he is accepting donations through his website BUT WOULDN’T OPEN THOSE DOORS, but I bet you cent of that money was going to not one Harvey Victim.
  4. This man is all about FRAUD and FAKERY! Black Christians like to gossip and call others out on their bull and fakery but are afraid to speak that on the pastors who lead these churches. Yes those pastors like Creflo “Dollah Signs” and TD “FAKES”. They want your Money and encourage you to be passive And I wouldnt be shocked if they voted for Trump and only got in front of your face to teach about Forgiveness, Passivity and Love to break you down. Fake all.over and YES I ADMIT THIS IS WHY I LEFT CHRISTIANITY. They teach you to be passive and to.follow the rules when they are the main ones doing shit behind closes doors that they just preached about moments ago. (Ex. Bishop Eddie Long and his pedophilic tendencies.)

Fuck church, leave it alone. You are the only group of people BLACK PEOPLE who gives $100 to the church and try yo stretch the $1 you have peft to feed your family and children. So when small crisis like these come about these pastors STILL wont help you.

Continue your church tradition and Die OR be alive and liberated.

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