Man steals $12K from his dying friend.

You are one smart But cold-hearted BITCH.

Scott Kesterson, 52, was about to set out on a cross country cycling trip when he was interrupted by the U.S. Marshals and taken into custody in Billings, Montana. The Denver District Attorneys office had set out a warrant after they found that Kesterson had stolen $12k from a friend of his who was dying of cancer.

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According to the Denver, D.A. Kestersen started a foundation for his friend Kelly De La Torre who had been diagnosed with cancer in early 2013, but died in November of 2013.

Rather than give the $12,000 to Mrs.De La Torre’s family, Scott took the money and loaded it into his pockets like a nerd taking knowledge.

Kesterson is being charged with two counts of theft and Computer Crimes. The same day he was arrested was the same day the warrant was put out. There is currently no time issued as to when he will be sent back to Denver.

2 thoughts on “Man steals $12K from his dying friend.

    • I really don’t know, I thought that was crazy. Maybe they didn’t know about it or if they did they were thinking that there was no money coming in.


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