Distressed Hurricane Harvey Victims goes off on CNN for using Victim’s pain for ratings!

A CNN reporter by the name of Rosa Flores asked a woman by the name of Danielle about her experience protecting her children in those terrible flood waters just moments after she arrived at the shelter. To provide context, this was after waiting for 36 hours for help from emergency services which never came, forcing this woman to wade through 4-feet of contaminated flood runoff to a nearby gas station to hail a cab to the nearest help center where these reporters were at.


Hell, I would’ve gone off as well! CNN is only there for ratings and we know that. CNN doesn’t give one damn cent about Black people, so why would they even ask a BLACK WOMAN. They aren’t compassionate as can be seen in this video because the questions were cheesy as f**k. WHAT WAS THAT LIKE? How about you go out there and stand on top of that same roof this woman was on and get through four feet of water ma’am.

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