WHITE MAN savagely stabs himself and blames IMAGINARY BLACK MAN.

I don’t know what it is about these people, they will do things to themselves and always blame someone who is Black. I am not understanding the psychology of this Caucasoid, nor do I want to ever have to understand this psychology. I am happy that I am getting the insight instead of the understanding. From the insight I am getting is that these Caucasoids are something serious and sad.

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Joshua Witt, 26, falsely accused one of the imaginary black men that roamed in his head of stabbing him not knowing that this could possibly land any black man dead or behind bars.

Joshua Witt, 26, called the police saying a black man approached him after getting out of his car in the Steak and Shake’s parking lot in Sheridan Colorado.

“Are you one of them Neo Nazi?” the man “reportedly?” told Witt before allegedly ramming him with a small knife. Witt claimed the man stabbed him in the hand. He took to social media to post photos of his bloodied hand and clothes and said his haircut might have sparked the attack.


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Surveillance video of where the alleged attack happened showed no one fleeing the scene as Witt had told police, investigators said. However, the footage did show Witt leaving a sporting goods store after buying a small knife. SMH. He eventually admitted he accidentally cut himself with his knife and told police he made the attack up.

To make it worse, Sheridan police had already detained an innocent a man, but was cleared as a suspect, CBS Denver reported.

Witt was arrested and released for making a false report. He faces up to a year in jail with a $2,650 fine, if convicted.



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