Stacey Dash comes for Maxine Waters, then as USUAL “SHE BACKTRACKS!”

Fired Fox News reporter Stacy Dash has slammed Rep. Maxine Waters after Water in response to Waters’ Black Girl’s Rock acceptance Speech.

 Just in case you missed that speech that was floating around everywhere….Here you go down below.


Okay what I want people to know about Stacey Dash is that she gives no respect to anyone.  Stacey is the  WHITE MAN’S guard dog, yes I said the White Man because the Republican party only fight’s for WHITE MEN’S RIGHTS. She attacks any and everyone in the average “WANNA BE CAUCASOID” way. She is always and will always be for them and what they stand for. Of all the stuff Trump has said she will never speak out against any of it because, let’s remember she had to suck a white PENIS in order to get the job that she had at Fox News. She feels much safer being where she is at, I think that this woman is deluded like the other black men that ride white penis but hides their sexual desires for a white man by hiding behind that white woman who is the mother of White Supremacy.

I think that there needs to be more assertive women like Maxine Waters. I disagree with aggressive, but assertive is okay. People tend to get the two mixed up. Let’s look at the definitions of assertive and aggressive shall we.

Assertive: Having or showing a confident and forceful personality.

Aggressive: Ready or likely to attack or confront; characterized by or resulting from aggression.

Maxine’s words only reflect when someone is coming for her, she is a very assertive woman because she has the confidence in who she is and has knowledge of self. There is no aggression unless she feels attacked. Had Trump not shown his AGGRESSION, she wouldn’t have to be AGGRESSIVE back. Overall this woman is more assertive than aggressive so MS.HumbleCoonDash you can take all your tweets and wrap em’ around the tip of that White Penis that you crave so badly and CRAM IT ALL THE WAY UP YOUR VAGINA AND UP YOUR BIRTH CANAL until IT COMES BACK OUT YOUR MOUTH.

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