FUNNY ASF| Say Hello to Marcushaundaya! Bwahhahahhaa

Bet money niggas would still fuck the shit outta this bitch. Lol Y’all don’t give a fuck about nothing, I betcha all down her timeline she/he is getting praised  like “YESSSS SIS LOOKING GOOD HUNTAY” Knowing damn well that hair sittin on that chest setting up civilizations along them tittie creases like the greeks came and took over the Nile.

This dude’s mustache is lined the fuck up along with his lips like a damn treeline in the middle of Central Park

Them eyebrows are arched, pressed and curled for perfection like a shirt hot out the dryer and onto the iron board. I know damn at least one friend should’ve been up front and honest about this damn picture. Is this the same bitch that played Puma?


Whoever know this hoe, please tell them to stop lying, this shit doesn’t look good at all. Lookin like he aint took a shower in about ten weeks and just sprayed cologne on his skin. I don’t even know what this is, this is more confusing that the Gemini Personality. I’m lost confused, I need help ,seeking JESUS!!!! HOPEFULLY HE EXISTS FOR REAL AT THE SIGHT OF THIS SHIT.

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