Big Rig With Trestle Raised hits sign and send is going for the ground!

I’m very cautious when I’m riding or driving around these mac-trucks because I know for one they can’t stop easily and that some of them don’t care about the others that are travelling on the roads as well. Now what I will say is that I’m very cautious around them also out of respect, because I know they travel longer and they don’t need to be stressing about some maniac fucking with them on the road and I don’t want to have any road rage. I just don’t trust them because some of these guys may be serial killers on the low and don’t care about the others on the road (AS STATED BEFORE).  One of the other reasons I don’t trust them is because some of them JUST MIGHT NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Take a look down below.

At first I thought the driver’s window was shattered due to this accident, but I watched it again and realized that this was before impact, meaning he got it from somewhere else lol. I was thinking “SIR STOP CURSING YOU BETTER BE LUCK ALL YOU GOT WAS A BROKEN WINDSHIELD.” Either way I could see why he would be cursing. I mean on a daily basis we believe that these truck drivers are the ones who know how to travel the road and how to drive safely but we know that is anything but true. lol

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