XXXTentacion leaves Weird notes and videos on Instagram.

XXXtentacion is known for his grim like appearance. Almost appearing to be a serial killer, depressed kid, sad parent, angry grandparent or evil scientist with the plot to destroy the world, wrapped  all in one ball of craziness. Now from regular interviews, this guy seems to have all his marbles but I’m convinced that he just seems to like the darker side of life. or is struggling with it. Something happened this guy somewhere or at some point in his life for him to be acting this way.

Women are going crazy for him, I guess because of his bad boy image but I think that people should be cautious about this dude. I mean I see some parallels between me an him but at least I’m not crazy on the surface it’s more under the surface. I just have a lot to say about this dude both good and bad and it’s just my honest opinion that’s all. So one of the things I wanted to talk about was his recent post online.

Rhymes With Snitch

Rapper XXXTentacion posts rambling note and shocking video online…

One day after posting the cover for his new album, that appeared to notes to himself about life’s endless cycle of pain, XXXTentacion posted a video of himself jumping from a tree with a rope around his neck.

Okay it’s an album promotion obviously but you can clearly see that by this dude’s past works that these are more personal topics that he chose to write about. I understand that some artists are controlled by the industry and labels to only sing and go over what they are given or what an agent thinks they should do. I honestly know that there is a hand in the soup on this guy’s career but at the same time I candidly think he has an issue with being at peace in life. I just don’t think that fame is for everyone maybe it is making things worse for him, we’ll never know.

As can be seen this guy has a large fan base, and people are loving what he is putting out there, I like some of it. I like the darkness, intensity and it gives me aggressive or emotional vibes, but do I stand for some of his stuff, Nope because it gives off  weird feeling like “Oh this is deeper than just music, this isn’t just music this is like a damn diary or a journal.”

I like this dude’s scorpion-like (SCORPIONIC LOL)  presence, his music style has a dark and creative side to it but I openly think this is more than just some art that he is putting out there.  Believe me when I tell you there are going to be more people like him coming in on the Hip Hop Industry pouring their guts out and talking darker and darker almost like ‘DARK-SUICIDAL” rock stars. I think there is an agenda behind it to be quite frank.


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