Mayweather McGreggor Fight Sales dropping.

Connor McGreggor and Floyd Mayweather’s fight is an event to die for.

At least they thought!!! lol

From The Las Vegas Sun
Just four days to fight night, there are plenty of tickets still available in the T-Mobile Arena, which seats 18,000 for boxing, and prices on the secondary market are starting to come down.
Ticketmaster has hundreds of non-VIP tickets ranging from roughly $1,400 to $17,000
The MGM Grand has cut its prices for the weekend three times, with a two-night stay now at $329 a night. Rooms at several other hotels on the Strip can still be found for $200 or less a night.
Restaurants, bars and strip clubs around town will also show the fight. Closed-circuit seats are available at various MGM properties, including hundreds for $150 each at the Park Theater just a few steps from the T-Mobile arena itself.
By comparison, Mayweather-Pacquiao closed-circuit tickets sold out the day they went on sale.

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