“Build More Confederate Statues”

Lord this administration is the blatant proof of American racism that never went away. If you are still yelling “THERE IS NO RACISM” it’s now because you are the racist, who is benefiting from White Supremacy(Majority of Whites) or TRYING to benefit from White Supremacy (Coons).

The answer to what we should do with all these troublesome Confederate monuments?

Build more!

That’s according to Vice President Mike Pence, who told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday he’d like to see the U.S. erect more statues for heroes instead of tearing down Confederate monuments “that have graced our cities.”

“Obviously, I think that should always be a local decision,” Pence said. “But I’m someone who believes in more monuments, not less monuments. What we ought to do is, we ought to remember our history, but we also ought to celebrate the progress that we’ve made since that history.”

He added: “Rather than tearing down monuments that have graced our cities all across this country for years, we ought to be building more monuments.

“We ought to be celebrating the men and women who have helped our nation move toward a more perfect union and tell the whole story of America.”

The debate over Confederate statues ― most of which were actually built during the Jim Crow era, decades after the Civil War ― has taken on renewed urgency after a white supremacist and neo-Nazi rally this month in Charlottesville, Virginia, left one dead and 19 injured.

The racist gathering, ostensibly to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, has inspired numerous other cities to consider removing their Confederate monuments.

America does not do a good job of tracking incidents of hate and bias. We need your help to create a database of such incidents across the country, so we all know what’s going on. Tell us your story.

Bwahahahha A perfect union, Republicans are fucking deluded and always will be. These Liberals are blind and are only focused on just themselves lol.

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