Texas Babysitter FORCED 4-year-old child to HAVE SEX WITH HER.

There is an 18-year-old baby sitter that has been arrested after she forced a 4-year-old child to have sex with her while she was babysitting him. The woman has now been charged with aggravated sexual assault according to local reports.

Esmerelda Meddlin , is the name of the woman who forced a four year old child into having sex with her back in March of 2017.

The San Antonio Express-News reported that the child alerted his mother to the alleged sexual assault while Medellin was still in their home on March 28. The mother immediately called police, and both the boy and Medellin were taken to the hospital to undergo a sexual assault examination. The examination confirmed what the child was saying and the woman was taken into custody.

(Now, I know some people are probably saying, He’s four maybe he mistaked something  like ‘Washing him’ or ‘Tucking Him In’, but NO! Things were what the child was saying.)

The child’s DNA was found on Medellin’s breast and there was male DNA found on the woman’s vagina. The sample of male DNA on the woman’s vagina wasn’t sufficient enough to say that it was the child’s DNA.

Medellin was arrested on Thursday and is now being held on a 75,000 dollar bond.


Now I have to say that it is enough that the child’s DNA was found on the woman’s breast. Because what in the hell is that child’s “any body part” doing near your breast or near any other area of your body? This is why I urge people to do background checks and try to scruitinize who they leave their child with. Because in all honesty I felt like in my past I was left with some of the most disgusting people. Like in RARE cases! No I wasn’t touched or abused but I felt like there was a lot of things that could’ve went wrong while I was with some of these people especially because they were in the condition that they were in. But it was nothing to the next level of abuse or anything like that. Like I had this drunk uncle who would go to sleep with the front door wide open! Like it was funny but crazy shit lol.

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