Tyler The Creator “Back Peddles” on Coming Out.

Now recently on this blog I spoke about Tyler The Creator’s album and and how he was coming out as gay. Click Here, if you missed that. This is where you find his alleged boyfriend, though some people were claiming that this was all just a big misunderstanding, it seems that he confirmed it recently.

“I had a boyfriend when I was 15 in f**king Hawthorne [CA]. If that’s not open minded, I don’t know what is.”

Now I know some people are like “Okay that’s just the past maybe he’s not into guys anymore’ but the dude went on in his recent album to say this shit….

‘Next line will have ’em like ‘Whoa’/ I’ve been kissing white boys since 2004.”

Now He’s saying it’s just a figure of speech.

Look you’re either gay or not. Now I’m starting to think it’s just a plot to make album sales. #FraudShit And to keep it 100 i don’t think it’s cool to play or lie and say you are something that you aren’t. It’s almost like how Rachel Dozeal lied and claimed to be Black.

Like what the fuck is up? Tell the truth be upfront. Stop always saying shit just to have something to say. For right now I’m just gonna go oand say “BITCH, YOU’RE A FUCKIN ALIEN!”

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