White Nationalist cries on camera after finding that he has a warrant for HIS ARREST!

Now, a grown man crying is never a pretty sight. It’s either sad or DISGUSTING. Well, seeing a RACIST WHITE man cry is funny as hell. I’m laughing an rolling.

Christopher Columbus  here was one of the ones in the midst in the Charlottesville Riots. Christopher here says that he called the Charlottesville Police Department to find out whether he had a warrant out for his arrest, as he has heard. The police department told him that they couldn’t confirm it, but he should call a magistrate.

He says he doesn’t want to go out anywhere because he feared that he would be murdered, or killed by COPS. (Damn and they say that Black people shouldn’t fear the cops, they attack Black people with the force of a militia all damn day.) In the video Christopher claims to be a non-violent person unless he is attacked or hurt by someone. He is just afraid to go OUTSIDE because he fears that he may even be killed.

You know what I also notice, All of these guys are the same ones who are trolls on the internet and he admits it here.

“I know that we talk a lot of shit on the internet”.

They have a lot of balls on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. ANY FORM OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Then what happens is that they turn around and in real life they aren’t the BIG DICK that they are. They turn into a 10-year-old whining pussy in actual life. These are the same ones who are in their bed sheets, lighting fires and torturing Black people in a whole group, but in real life one on one they CRY like babies with a rash.

You always say that you are trying to be peaceful and law-abiding but that isn’t the way that you go about things in the present or in the past. Were you trying to be peaceful when you came to EXPLORE The Americas. Everywhere this devil steps his foot, violence is there. It wasn’t a damn MELEE, it was a damn riot, this shit is crazy. Every act of violence a White man does is always justified by “STAND YOUR GROUND” and “SELF DEFENSE”. Let any other race do those things it is seen as “THEIR NATURAL MIND SET”.


Hell No we wouldn’t, mainstream media doesn’t talk about this shit, nor does the local media. The reason why is because you are a white man under the protection of your white supremacy/privilege. Your past wouldn’t come out until during the damn trial. This man is a weak white supremacist. White supremacy is nothing but a bunch of tough men when together and weak on their own. Like a bunch of roaches hanging around a small ass ant until the big guy comes and stomps em all to death, that little one is running to his corner for dear life. This man is weak, he is CRYING and still not understanding his WHITE PRIVILEGE. This has got to be one of the weakest most OMEGA MALE SHIT I have ever seen in my entire life.



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