Parent agree that her child can sleep with this teacher and she ends up pregnant.

36-year-old Laura Lynn Cross has been arrested after it was found that she had been having sex with a teenage student at a school where she taught. Now, I know you’re probably screaming “THIS ISN’T THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED.”

Nope but the only difference is what’s in bold down below….

Cross was a teacher at Buchtel High School in Akron, Ohio (Home of LeBron James), it is believed that she had been having sex with a freshman student since 2012.This story goes far back as 2014 when Cross and the child’s sexual relationship initially began. She was arrested earlier this month after police learned she had given birth to the boy’s baby back in 2015.

Via News 5 Cleveland:

Cross resigned her teaching position in January, 2015.

“First of all, she’s a schoolteacher,” said the teen’s father. “To get aroused by a child basically you have to be a sick individual.”

Even more disturbing, Cross convinced the teen’s mother–who had custody–to allow the teen to move in with her in her Tallmadge home through a court approved “partial parental custody” arrangement.

Cross convinced the teen’s mother that she could continue to “mentor” him.

Charges were filed only last week after police learned that Cross and the teen had a child together in 2015 that was kept secret until a tipster called the teen’s father and broke the news.

“It was a straight failure from the system from the school and definitely from the police.”said the teen’s father, who had brought up the issue to authorities back in 2012, but no action was being taken.

Cross is currently being held in the Summit County Jail under $100,000 bond.


This kid’s mother had to be one dumb son of a gun. Like who in their right mind would allow their son to move in with a teacher that



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