Drake and Future getting sued for woman who was raped by someone else during their concert.

Rappers Drake and future are currently being sued by a fan/concert goer who attended their concert and was raped.

Image result for Leavy Johnson

Leavy Johnson (The suspect)

In the $25 million lawsuit, the woman claims a man by the name Leavy Johnson, who was associated with one of the concert venues, approached her and told her he could get her backstage to meet the rappers. That’s when he allegedly violently attacked her.

Johnson has been arrested and charged with rape and is awaiting trial. He also has outstanding warrants for pior assaults that happened before the rape.


It has been said that attempts to reach representatives for Future and Drake was unsuccessful.


Like damn woman you already got who the hell you wanted, keep it that way. I don’t think the rappers should have to be sued because you were so damn eager to meet them. I’m pretty sure this man had been scoping her out previously and saw her as a target and in no way shape or form had any connections to the rappers in the first place. Like she’s gunning for them as if they had something to do with it. I am really trying to understand this woman’s logic. lol

What do you think?

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