82-year-old found dead inside elevator.

How in the hell does this happen? Like this is a sad way to spend your last hours.

An 82-year old Denver man was found dead in the elevator of his apartment building decomposing. The man had apparently been reported missing in the earlier months of 2017.

Isaak Komisarchik (pictured above ), 82, had been reported missing since July 5,2017. His body was discovered last week in a parking-garage elevator of an apartment complex after the neighbors reported a foul smell from the areas surrounding the elevator.

He died in the early mornings of July 2 or August 2nd. It is believed that he had tried to free himself from the elevator by pushing the emergency button. It is said that Isaak had dimentia and this is believed to also be one of the causes of deaths.

It is said that when Komisarchik was reported missing, Denver firefighters

When Komisarchik was first reported missing, Denver firefighters (pictured) searched five ponds near Woodstream in an attempt to find him. His daughter told authorities at the time that he 'couldn't take long walks' because he would sometimes get 'disoriented'

Firefighters searching for Komisarchik after he was reported missing.

searched five ponds near Woodstream in an attempt to find him. His daughter told authorities at the time that he ‘couldn’t take long walks’ because he would sometimes get ‘disoriented’.

Family member’s claim that when they last saw Komisarchik, he was wearing gray jogging pants and had a stripe shirt on.

‘He actually walked to the mailbox to pick up the mail and to the office to get some things from there and then he just disappeared,’

-His daughter Yelena told news reporters.

The weird part about this whole story is that the parking-garage where Komisarchik was found had been closed for renovation.
When a Denver firefighter responded, the elevator doors were open. Elevator maintenance workers had just found Komisarchik’s body inside the car, Pixley told the Post. He then acknowledged that ‘Something is not right,’.

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Now my question is how in the hell did he get on the elevator if the elevator was having renovation. I feel as if this elevator should have been blocked off or something, because anyone could have gotten on that thing and had been dead just like this fellow. I don’t believe that foul play was involved but I do believe that the person who was supposed to respond to the emergency button was at fault.

In no way will I blame the family other than, allowing him to walk out without supervision, but maybe they believed that he was okay walking down to the mailbox and coming back. This is something that you don’t hear about every day you expect people of that age to go on a deathbed surrounded by family members. Sad!

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