Over 700 Children kicked out of school over sexual misconduct.

Everywhere there is always someone who is going to paint American school systems as the worst an the only bad place on the earth. I personally believe that every school system has it’s short comings and we shouldn’t always paint the moderate and honest narrative about them. I think the  United Kingdom’s schools are always painted as these heavenly safe havens, so I decided to share this story here.


In the UK, the Press Association filed an information request from 15 local authorities. This led to shocking statistics surrounding the students being kicked out for lewd behavior including sexual abuse, assault, harassment and watching porn. According to The Guardian, The study found that 754 school-aged children have been expelled or temporarily excluded from school for sexual misconduct over the past four years.

The data also showed that there were 18 incidents of sexual misconduct involving boys for every 1 incident involving girls. However, nearly a third of 16 to 18 years old girls have experienced unwanted sexual touching at school and 71 percent of all girls in that age group said the vulgar terms “slut” and “slag” were regularly used toward girls at school.

A Department for Education spokesman said about the shocking statistics,“We want to help all schools deliver these lessons so that young people are equipped to have healthy relationships and treat each other with respect.” The DFE rolled out a new program in March requiring that all primary schools teach relationship education and secondary schools teach relationship and sex education.


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