Disgusting | Oklahoma Male gets 40 years in prison for the rape of Orphans in Kenya.

Time and time again, I’ve said to myself that I don’t believe that everyone has good intentions when going to Africa to do so-called missionary work. This is another story that has came from thousands of incidents that have been happening when these missionaries go over and try to spread their religion. They turn out to cause more harm than to help.

Matthew Lane Durham Mugshot

A Former missionary from Oklahoma was being convicted of sexually assaulting children at an orphanage over in Kenya was sentenced Monday to 40 years in a federal prison.

U.S. District Judge David L. Russell handed pushed the time on the suspect Matthew Lane Durham, 21, who had faced up to 30 years on each of four counts of engaging in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places. He also demanded Durham, of Edmond, to pay restitution of $15,863.

Durham showed no emotion when the sentence was issued.

“These were heinous crimes committed on the most vulnerable victims. He was their worst nightmare come true,” Russell stated.

“All I wanted was to follow God’s plan for me,” he told the judge.

Prosecutors NOTED that Durham raped the orphans while volunteering at the Upendo Children’s Home in Nairobi between April and June of 2014 (3 years ago) where Durham had served as a volunteer since 2012 at the orphanage, which specializes in caring for neglected children in the local areas.

A 12-member jury convicted Durham in June on seven counts of engaging in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places, but Russell acquitted Durham on three of the charges in January.

The same jury cleared Durham of accusations  that this was something he had the urge to do before leaving the United States to go and help . Defense attorney Stephen Jones has said Durham plans to appeal his convictions.

According to The Chicago Tribune:

Orphanage officials and five of the children traveled from Kenya to testify at the trial. The children, who speak Swahili, testified through an interpreter only after Russell cleared the gallery and closed the courtroom to the public and media.

In a sentencing memorandum, federal prosecutors asked Russell to sentence Durham to 120 years in prison — the maximum punishment he faced. Prosecutors also asked that Durham be placed under supervision for the rest of his life in the event he is ever released from prison.

“The defendant’s offenses were undoubtedly serious. He raped or sexually molested by force or threat four children ranging in ages from 5 years to 14 years — some multiple times — in a span of just 33 days,” prosecutors wrote in the memo.

Prosecutors also said Durham’s actions have had a chilling effect on the lives of dozens of foreign volunteers in Kenya and elsewhere “who must now live under the cloud of suspicion, distrust and apprehension when they volunteer their time, talent and resources for the betterment of children in East Africa and beyond.”

“There is a real perception among Upendo’s local Kenyan community that more pedophiles lurk among the volunteers, especially the young male volunteers,” prosecutors said.

Evidence produced by prosecutors included handwritten, signed confessions that Durham gave orphanage officials after he was accused of inappropriate behavior.

Jones has argued that the statements were coerced by orphanage officials who isolated Durham, took his passport and created the allegations to obtain $17,000 from the U.S. government for security cameras.

Jones has described Durham, who was 19 when he was charged in 2014, as “an emotionally vulnerable teenager” who was struggling with “sexual identity and development” while also being a devout Christian.


Miss me with the bullshit, of the teenager shit. I don’t give a damn, any nine-teen year old who is running around raping children is very well a pedophile to me. You are  above the age of 18 and hell anyone who is even 15 and doing this is still wrong. I guess him figuring out his sexual orientation was more important than those children who will now be having psychological trauma brought on by his actions.

He broke all the safety, self-esteem  and security of these children and had  focused only on his urges….DOES THAT SOUND CHRISTIAN-LIKE?

Sins Comitted: Lust, Lies, Pride, Abuse, Rape and Selfishness.

Then on top of that the best way these missionaries can help Africa is by leaving their shitty ass Christian religion where it’s at. Africa has a variety of religions, so why in the hell do you need to go over and bother them. Oh RIGHT! Trying to divide and conquer as they usually do. The other way that they can help Africa is by leaving the whole continent a-fucking-lone.