The Young and The Rustless| Bobby V goes on Rant about Media’s negativity + Reima Houston’s Identity and Claims

So earlier this week singer Bbobby Valentino was outed online by a transgender prostitute who Bobby had been with.  He apparently had gotten service from this woman and then didn’t pay the woman her money as he was supposed to. So after that Bobby has just been fighting off the media and he had a response that he had made for the media.

In the videos down below Bobby rants about how the media only focuses on negativity (Duhh should’ve been caught on to that ). The four video clips are in the link down below where you can swipe and see them all.

This shit got me weak, Look at the end of the day you got caught and tried to hide. I will say that he did come back strong as hell.

Now I never went on to say this but the Transvestite Hooker is Reima Houston who was formerly Aaron McCorkle.

Who is Reima Houston?

Reima is no one other than Aaron McCorkle from Charlotte, North Carolina. He attended Winston-Salem University and had a promising career in Broadcasting.

According to Straight From The A:

He was involved in a bit of controversy over his cross-dressing while attending the university after an alumni tweeted a photo of him in drag and posted disparaging remarks about his decision to run for “Mr. WSSU”.

The local news station even covered the incident and the alumni issued an apology.

The openly gay McCorkle even interned for a few radio stations in Charlotte but somehow his promising future took a detour and he began a life of crime.

Mccorkle has been arrested several times in Macklenberg County, NC for minor offenses like misdemeanor larceny, possession of stolen property, common law robbery and also has a charge on his record for “assault on a female”.


(Damn this wrapsheet big asf)

Biiishs bofl ohh biiitch i’m weeeeaaak oh shit look like a fuckin deer.


Now personally I don’t want to make this muthafucka famous for not doing nothing but suckin some dick, exposing and then turning around and replying. I hate to do it because at the end of the day it’s sad this is all you have to do nowadays just to become famous. I hate this shit because here we are and this chick wants people to “BOOK”. I hate it.