Narcissist Michelle Carter gets only 2.5 Years in prison.

If we can all remember  Michelle Carter was a 20-year-old woman who convinced her boyfriend Conrad Roy to kill himself after taunting him through text messages. In case you missed that story [click here]. This is a story that is very stone cold.

Carter has now been charged with 2 1/2 years in prison on the charges of involuntary Manslaughter. These charges were brought on by Judge Leonard Muniz. Muniz ordered the 20-year-old to serve 15 months of her sentence with the rest suspended followed by 5 years probation after she’s released.

The judge didnt’ give her much time as expected because he looked back at Conrad Roy’s past and acknowledged that the teen had previous suicide attempts.

It is said that after Conrad killed himself, Carter had went on to brag to friends that she had the power to stop Conrad but didn’t do so. She also later on told a friend that Conrad had lost his nerves and had gotten out of the truck, but she kept on telling him to get back in.

(First off for starters this girl is a real mothafucka and real crazy. Like for  you to go on and play with someone’s life and to have that much leverage over someone you have a real issue. You pushed them to kill themselves, bitch you are some type of evil bitch. Not everything is always good on the other side BLACK FOLKS.)

The news gets even horrific after she kept texting Conrad which lead to him killing himself, she went on to text his sister Camden Roy asking about the whereabouts of Conrad.

Conrad’s aunt, Kim Bozzi, told ABC News she believes Carter “has a damaged moral core.”

“I don’t think that she helped him kill himself,” Bozzi, told ABC’s 20/20. “I think she forced him to kill himself. I think she was responsible for his death.”