Lil Boosie Goes Off on Family Members

Recently Baton Rouge,  LA rapper Lil Boosie’s brother Taquari Hitch was arrested on charges of bank fraud and identity theft after Boosie realized he was missing 300K from his bank account.

In response to the situation Boosie took to instagram to say this.

I’m going to have to say that  I agree with Boosie because in my life experience I dealt with the same bull shit with uncles, aunts and cousins who were very close to me but none of them were able to admit up to their wrongs and always wanted me to do the work.

It seems like today family values have gone right out of the windows and morals are just seen as little rules that we must abide by until we leave the home. So I can agree with him on this one and I do agree that there are snakes that are around us 24-7 we just have to have our guard up and beware of our surroundings.