90 year old Geizer gets 10-years in Prison for Producing Drugs (Opioids)

As we know it the Opioid epidemic is plaguing the United States city and countryside like a wildfire. It is now being considered a health hazard but nothing seems to be getting done about it. Though Law Enforcement is taking “Little” action, the government and politicians are taking smaller and smaller actions.



A 93-year-old pain management doctor was sentenced Tuesday in Las Vegas to 10 years in prison for illegally writing prescriptions for oxycodone and other painkillers that ended up in the hands of drug addicts and dealers.

Dr. Henri Wetselaar, who was also fined $2.5 million, was accused of prescribing large amounts of opioids and other prescription drugs to people for no legitimate medial purpose while he maintained a practice in Las Vegas and performed house calls. A jury found him guilty earlier this year of drug and money laundering-related counts contained in an indictment against him, his medical assistant and a local pharmacist.

Wetselaar was born in the Netherlands and served in World War II. His defense team argued that his behavior reflected his age and outdated medical education, not a conspiracy to distribute painkiller pills. His attorney on Tuesday did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the sentencing.

(Side Dish: You see that shit that’s in bold. That’s nothing but bull s**t.  If his knowledge was outdated then shouldn’t the pharmacist and medical assistants had brung that to his notice by saying “SIR YOU CAN’T MAKE THAT ANYMORE THE LAW SAYS YOU CAN’T.” )


The recent death count was 142 deaths each day from drug overdoses mean the death toll is “equal to September 11th every three weeks.”

Wetselaar was arrested in 2011 after the original indictment was filed. Authorities accused him of wiring $105,000 to buy a home using the proceeds resulting from the sale of drugs including oxycodone, hydrocodone, the anxiety medication Xanax and the muscle relaxant Soma.

I don’t buy into the bull s**t. This is where they are going to use the “senile old man” defense and say that he didn’t know of it. Then on top of that he sold the drugs to get A HOUSE. He knows damn well that was something very expensive than regular over the counter medicine.