WTF | DeMario Jackson and Corrine Olympios reconnect!

Okay, you know what, I’m done! Negroes will never learn ugh!

Recently Bachelor in Paradise competitor Corrine Olympios blamed her black penis lust on the pills that she was on after at first blaming Demario Jackson and then blaming production crew. She had finally admitted that DeMario was not in the wrong after Bachelor In Paradise Producers Continue reading

Joel Osteen tries to defend himself against recent attacks and criticism.


Damn this is what people pay to listen to. His voice and accent got annoying by the minute of even listening. I can tell you now I sense some bull shit, EXCUSE MY FRENCH. I sense some bull spunky at this whole message of him even saying “That’s what our church is all about”, No sir your church isn’t about helping it’s about taking. Don’t even try…TRYING IS NOT THE ANSWER. Surrender you’ve been called out. People should’ve learned their lesson from the Flint situation as well.

Atlanta Cop in trouble after admitting “WE ONLY KILL BLACK PEOPLE!”

A Cobb County Police is actually in hot water after openly admitting “We only kill Black People”. The cop can be heard saying this to an alleged drunk motorist who was in fear for his life. This video is from July 2016 and the video was recently released for the public to see. The man has been on paid administrative leave since then. The officer can be heard saying “But you’re not black. Remember, we only shoot black people.” Continue reading

Arkema plant exploded in Houston and Evacuation needed!

Whether this storm is man made or not, this is just a crazy thing to happen down in Houston and it went from bad to worse in just a few days.

It was being reported that a pair of explosions was heard coming from an area in the city of Houston and then black smoke could be seen on the rise in the air during the day time. Arkema Inc, which runs the plant says that they were notified of the explosions by Harris County Emergency Operations earlier this morning (2 a.m. to be exact). Harris County Deputies announced that one of their officers had to be taken to the hospital after he inhaled some of those fumes that came from the plant. Continue reading

Former preist arrested for 43 charges of child molestation.

A former Catholic Preist has his charges packed up on top of him. What for? No other than child molestation/pedophilia. The same thing that they are famous for in this blood soaking cult.


David Joseph Perrett was charged with the fresh counts by Armidale detectives and now faces a total of 52 offenses, accused of abusing 16 different children.

Continue reading

THREE Brothers arrested after cops find stash of child porn, panties and more…ONE sits out due to mental disabilities.

Pedophilia is something in the future I can possibly see is the new LGBT movement and will be wanted and accepted by these evil people up at the top. Because we now see where things like Bestiality is being thrown into a sexuality and is accepted. I don’t care how many memes, jokes and so-called sympathizers are out there this will never be okay in the eyes of any mentally sane person. (On with the story)

Authorities in Washington had arrested three brothers Edwin Emery, 78, and his older brothers, Thomas, 80, and Charles,82 after cops raided their house finding child pornography, panties, and penny loafers.

Edwin, 78, is currently in the hospital a judge in King County was told. Edwin’s older brothers Charles,82, who suffers from dementia and Thomas,80, are both on in the court at the moment. All three brothers have been in custody since the raid on their home.

The three brothers were arrested after a 49-year-old niece, who was taking care of the three, started rummaging through his property she found mountains of disturbing photographs and children’s clothes and reported it to police. Continue reading

DMX Heads to Rehab!

Via TMZ: DMX says he’s opting to check outta house arrest and into rehab — taking full advantage of a judge’s decision … TMZ has learned.
X says, “House arrest wasn’t working for me, so I made the decision to do something positive and better for myself.” Our DMX sources tell us he’s getting treatment for substance abuse at a facility in New England. Continue reading

Corrine Bailey claims that it was Drugs that made her Hook Up with DeMario Jackson.

It has now been four months since The Bachelor in Paradise has been shut down and closed production. The reason for this was because of a sex scandal that spread through the media like wild fire. People viewing Corrine as a helpless victim that was attacked by a vicious gorilla even though there was footage showing that this act was consensual. 


Well, Corrine like any other historical woman who made false accusations finally came forward saying that she believes that DE MARIO DID NOTHING WRONG! She says that it was the drugs that influenced her into having sex with Jackson. Continue reading