HISTORY REPEATS | Woman charged with Felonies after creating lie that three black men attacked and raped her.

White women are notorious of screaming rape, note that statistics show that 99% of all false rape accusations are from white women, who either accuse men of their own race or accused African American men and non-white backgrounds. This woman just so happens to be another one who had got caught up in her lie adding fuel to the fire it was only to cover up the fact that she was abusing herself.

Via Lady In The Mancave: Breana Harmon, 19, will be hit with felony charges after she accused three black men on rape in March according to NY Daily News.

Harmon, of Texas, told police she was taken into the woods by the suspects and sexually assaulted her after she was found at a church with only a shirt, bra and underwear on. After an investigation, the cuts on her legs did not match the cuts on her jeans and other physical evidence didn’t make sense. Plus, there were no signs of sexual assault. Harmon admitted she made up the attacks because she didn’t want her mom to know she actually cut herself and things from her past start “going through her


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She is charged with tampering with evidence and government record, two felonies after she was initially being charged with a misdemeanor.

Note: It is said that she is facing UP TO TEN YEARS. It doesn’t say that she is GETTING 10 YEARS. Which is shocking to me that they didn’t give her up to twenty or thirty. I guess due to White Privilege she could possibly get a shorter time span.  It’ll shock me that she even gets the whole ten years. I know how all of this is going to play out. They’re probably going to send her to some insane asylum or some type of hospital and therapist to get help for her cutting and forget the fact that she could’ve possibly gotten three or four random black men arrested or even murdered. This woman must not know how drastic those claims are and how they run deep into Black History  and how they ran down and put on the image that Black Americans are sexual deviants and that they rape and are taught to rape. It’s obvious that this girl needs help but I believe she needs to serve time for attempted murder because knowing how cops are when it comes to accusations like this she should know that Black men aren’t given the benefit of the doubt in cases like this only because she had been cutting herself and didn’t want her mother to know what was going on. THIS GIRL HAS TO DO TIME!