178 Migrants rescued in Mexico

  • Migrants from from Central America were rescued after being found in an abandoned tractor trailer in Tantima, Mexico (400 Miles away from the United States border)
  • They were more likely from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, trying to leave the poverty and surging crime in their nations.
  • Driver says he didn’t know they were packed inside the truck.

Being Found

Mexican Authorities have rescued 178 Central American Migrants who were in an abandoned trailer. Those who were rescued were women and children who were being housed in a town called Tantima, which stands 400 miles away from the border in the Veracruz state.

Central America

Their health conditions aren’t immediately known.

Why were they in the truck? and Remember December?

These migrants most likely were from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. These people were most likely trying t escape the deep poverty and vicious violence in their countries and trying to seek a better life in the United States.

This incident follows after migrants were trapped inside a tractor trailer in Veracruz back in December who were from both Central and South America. There were 110 found in the tractor trailer and survived. They were en-route to the United States but the driver abandoned the truck after the truck crashed. Police who responded to the scene heard the screams and decided to go take a look found the people in the back of the truck.

Then on top of that this post comes a week after 10 undocumented immigrants were found in a hot car in Texas. The tractor trailer was found outside a Walmart in San Antonio, Texas.

Source: CNN