BOBBY VALENTINO “allegedly” stiffs TRANSGENDER sex worker and gets put on BLAST!

Bobby Valentino gets put on blast by a TRANSGENDER sex worker, after she recorded a video of a man running from her hotel room and she claims that the man is Valentino and she knows it for one. 

A video from the woman shows a man, allegedly Valentino trying to escape the room and in the video there are no identifiable features or anything on the male trying to escape the room. As seen in the photo above she is putting the video out there because the man she says was Valentino refuse to pay her the money he owed her to perform the sex acts.


(Side Dish: Now I am going to say that I don’t in no way, shape or form  condone exposing people. Which is why I am using the terms like ALLEGEDLY and SUPPOSEDLY just because we don’t know if any of this is actually true, but you can clearly see that this individual was trying for dear life to hide their face.)

Lets take a look at the video down below….

So that is the video that is out and about. The man in question was desperately trying to not be seen and, it was to the point of leaving his shoes in the hotel room.

Since then  people suspect that Bobby has allegedly responded (or at least that’s what most people think of his Instagram post. The post wasn’t in denial or anything to the rumors that had hit the web.

Now  in that response, however you take it you CAN SEE SOME DENIAL IN THIS STATEMENT, but it wasn’t your average “FUCK YOU, YOU LIAR YOU AINT SHIT” type response, this was a “I’m still smiling” type response. Again it isn’t known whether the man in the video is Valentino for sure, but there is speculation that  it is.

Whether most classify this as exposure, I am going to go on the record as for saying that EXPOSING PEOPLE IS NOT OKAY. You basically took the trust that someone has given you and crushed it, and putting their lives in jeopardy. You already know this person was undercover and had already known what you were getting yourself into and then you go and get mad because you can’t have the person or get what you want. NOW WHAT I WILL SAY IS that in this situation, it is totally different because this was clearly a MONEY BASED situation where the woman felt, OKAY YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GIVE ME MY MONEY, WELL LETS PUT YOU ON BLAST. I do believe that anyone who doesn’t have money and is requesting sex is basically setting themselves up. If you know you couldn’t pay up then why bother.

At the end of the day IT COULD BE or IT COULD NOT BE HIM.