Raleigh authorities find body in Falls Lake



WRAL: Authorities recovered the body of a 23-year-old man from Falls Lake on Saturday, the morning after crews suspended a search for a man who was seen struggling in the water.

Wake County sheriff Donnie Harrison said visitors reported seeing a male swimmer in distress shortly after 5 p.m. on Friday. Teams searched but never found anyone, and eventually suspended the search Friday night due to lightning in the area.

A spokeswoman for the North Carolina state park said a body was recovered around 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office identified the man found as Emmanuel Diaz Juarez, 23, of Raleigh. It’s unclear if the Juarez is the struggling swimmer who crews were searching for on Friday.

A vehicle of interest was located near the lake. The Wake County Sheriff’s Office on Friday was attempting to locate the owner of the vehicle.

I’m currently wondering how the hell did he even get in the water and what was he doing in the water? It’s clear that he is dead because the article is saying “body”. I’m wondering was he pushed? Did he fall?