Brawl that killed Bakari Henderson gets caught on tape + Selfie that killed him.

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I had recently did a report on a coon  African American male who had been in Greece, and was murdered. At first everyone kept insisting that he was killed because of “a small exchange of words” which in my opinion if it was that small it shouldn’t have gone as far as it did.

They now have surveillance video showing the beginning of the bar fight and what the fight looked like.

You can see where he is taking the selfie with the woman from the beginning of the video until 0:28. And then on afterwards you can see the issue rising from just the selfie and everyone breaks out in chaos. At 0:51 they show the outside surveillance video where the initial fight took place. Watch at 1:09 the people all began pouncing on this guy, it is said that he had apparently been hit with brass knuckles as well.

His so-called friends had now decided to speak up saying that by the time they caught up with the crowd the crowd had then ran away, something in all actuality not too many people are believing and neither am I.

Via ABC News:

Henderson’s friends who were in Greece with him told ABC News that the suspects were “looking for a fight” and punched him first. He attempted to get away from the mob during the brawl, his friends said.

By the time Henderson’s friends reached him, the attackers had dispersed, the friends said.

Henderson suffered head injuries, the coroner said. All the strikes were to the head, and he did not appear to have defensive wounds on his body, she added.

While the coroner couldn’t determine exactly when Henderson died, she told ABC News that he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

One of Henderson’s friends, Travis Jenkins, described Henderson as a “peacemaker,” saying that it was not in his nature to “act aggressively.”

At least eight people have been arrested in connection with the killing, local police said. Among those arrested were a British citizen of Serbian origin who is temporarily employed in Greece as a bouncer and a Greek national who works at the bar on the island, police said. Six Serbian tourists were also arrested after they were identified on surveillance footage.

Zakynthos Mayor Pavlos Kolokotsas told ABC News that both groups involved had been drinking extensively.

Those arrested appeared in court Saturday and pleaded not guilty, police said.


Oh wow, so I’m guessing they are pleading  “Not Guilty” because of the fact that they don’t remember what they did especially when it was in p lain video and there is proof. No, I think I know why, they are in their own home country and know they can get off free because in honesty White supremacy is there as well.