Texas Student is beaten to death in Greece

So a black man who dates a white girl, are friends with white people and lives surrounded by white people ended up dying around white people, and NO they aren’t just ANY  white people, they were people in Europe (Greece).

Bakari Henderson and Girlfriend


Via The Daily Mail:

An American student has died after a mass beating by 10 people in the early hours Friday, when he was on vacation on a Greek island.

Bakari Henderson, 22, was battered to death in the street by the attackers who are thought to have used brass knuckles to pummel his head.

According to Greek media reports the fight started when a man from a group of Serbians went up to a group of Americans that included Henderson and broke a glass on their table.

One of the Americans grabbed a Serbian and punched him and a bar brawl began.

During the melee Henderson was set upon and beaten to death.

Two people have been charged with homicide by police in Laganas on the island of Zakynthos.

They are a 32-year-old British security guard of Serbian origin and a Greek barman, 34.

Eight other people who allegedly took part in the beating are also being questioned.

Henderson was from Austin, Texas, and was studying at the University of Arizona where he was taking business finance and entrepreneurship.

On his Facebook page he posted a picture of himself in a Los Angeles Lakers shirt.

Another image showed him with some friends where he wrote: ‘Great weekend (with) the homies’.

Police are investigating whether race played any part in the attack on Henderson, who is black.

According to the Greek Security Division, the incident began at 3.15am Friday when Henderson had a minor altercation with the security guard at a sports bar called Bar Code.The security guard and the barman are said to have chased Henderson out of the bar and began to beat him.Eight others are alleged to have joined in the assault, which is thought to have been seen by horrified passers-by on a night out.

The Greek Security Division said that Henderson was taken to the hospital but he was dead on arrival due to his severe head injuries.His body was taken to the Patras coroner for further examination but the most likely cause of death is the blows to the head.Henderson’s family have been notified of his death.Zakynthos is popular with tourists who are drawn by its stunning beaches and wild nightlife.But there is a dark side and in 2011 a 19-year-old British tourist was beaten to death by two Greek taxi drivers.
So after reading the story I took to youtube to go look around and to see what most people had to say and it strikes me as quite odd that the argument was something MINOR.
Notice what I said earlier about his friends being White and his girlfriend being white (PICTURED ABOVE). Now in all honesty I do believe that there was more to this story,  I think those men killed this young man because he was a Black man in a White club trying to get at White women.
Here is a more in-depth analysis….