Maia Campbell sends viral message to LL Cool J “I don’t need help just do a benefit concert for mental health”

Everyone assumed after Iyanla had Maia on her show that she had gotten things back together and had gotten back to business (Even I did, not going to lie), but it seems that we were all wrong.

So after a video went  viral of Maia Campbell back on the streets and back on drugs, an old friend dropped by and decided that he wanted to help her out. LL Cool J. Now in case you missed that video check right HERE.  Though I didn’t do a report on L.L. offering her help I did decide to put those two together and catch up on it in this post. 

So L.L. caught wind of the video and obviously he watched it and tweeted this.

He was referring to the young man who had been recording Maia.  He then later on took to instagram and was inquiring about her location and whereabouts.

And I’m going to assume someone told him where she was because he obviously came back to Instagram to post this message.

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Now L.l. has been trying to get in contact with her so that she can have help, but it looks as if Maia isn’t wanting to get it.

she says

Hey Todd, look bro, I love you! I don’t need help, I just need a benefit concert for mental health.

Here is the whole video of a clearly irritated Maia Campbell being prompted to get in contact with LL


Though she looks better for the video she doesn’t look like she is doing TOO well. In all honesty you can see that she is a broken soul and is still going through her struggle.

You can never really help someone who doesn’t want to be help is all that I ‘m going to say about this story right here, Iyanla has done her job as a friend and even L.l. as a friend did his by reaching out to her. She doesn’t want help then let it be.