WAIT WTF!!! | Da Brat Reveals she dated Kirk Frost back in the day.


Rapper and Radio Personality Da Brat recently just dropped some information from her skull for us from back in the day.

While it is assumed that DaBrat is actually a lesbian, but she has admitted that she is bisexual and she has a past with men. 

During a Dish Nation segment, Da Brat revealed that a young Kirk Frost (pre-Rasheeda) gifted her with twenty $100 bills with his name and number on each one ‘begging’ her to call him.

She admits she waited a few days, but once she reached out to him she got money and a car out of the deal.

In the video above she clearly states

Kirk Frost, Rasheeda’s husband, before they were married when I first met him….He wrote his name and number on 20, 100 dollar bills and begged me to call him.

Not begged me, but asked me to call him. And wrote his name and number on the front and back of each one.

And she also added…later on

I got a Lincoln Navigator, I got quite a few things. Maybe throughout the course, for a little while.