OPINION| Straighforward Vs. Being an Asshole

I have to honestly state the truth and not sugar coat it and this is why I get no sympathy most times from most people because they think that being forthright is just being an asshole when in fact I would be much more of an asshole if I was to sit  back and be passive aggressive and allow myself to suffer or allow others to suffer or to make slick comments. My main reasoning for being forthright is just to speak up and say what I have to say and be up front.

Now on top of that I’d like to admit that there are pros and cons to being an honest person and one con that I want to zero in is the sympathy we get from others.  Now keep in mind a straightforward( direct, candid, outspoken, etc.) person has a stigma behind them where they are often seen as mean, vicious and lacking feelings. From experience people normally get the ideas of being honest and being mean mixed up.

Understand that our society is expected to be nice and kind to the world and to be gracious to one another. No problem that is all cool, but what bothers me is the fact that people believe that sugarcoating something is perfect. Truth is truth and the way it is said should be in a way that is sophisticated but flows well with the emotions.

To me a straightforward person just says what they have to say when something is bothering them or bothering others. What I want people to understand is that these people “Yes me as well” don’t really mean any harm they are just trying to make life a lot more easier. We basically get no sympathy for calling people out on their bullshit. You confuse us with those who say mean things just to hurt your feelings.  And I have to say that there is a difference between being an asshole and being straightforward.

A STRAIGHT FORWARD Person vs Being an ASS HOLE lets clarify the differences

Being a straightforward person we already know is being a “Honest” person for the sake of others and for yourself.

Sometimes people mistake “Being an asshole” with being “Honest” because this is their excuse for saying the rude shit that they just said. I can count the many times someone has looked at another one and said some shit like

Person A: “‘I’m sexy and I’m the best on the block.”

Person B :”Umm You aint shit stop it. You ugly as shit”

When it would have been much better to keep their mouths closed and to keep that comment to themselves or  if they wanted could’ve taken the other route of being straight forward and to the point.

Person A: I’m Sexy and I’m the best on the block”

Person B: “Chill”

If person A asks for an explanation person b should continue.

Person B: “Don’t take this the wrong way, not everyone on the block is saying that. Yes you may have gotten compliments but lets be real that’s not all of the guys.”

I think also the manner we say things should be in a sophisticated way instead of a petty demeanor. Now the scenario  I gave up above isn’t the best because I don’t believe a person should be so damn opinionated or should always say something that doesn’t affect them. A more appropriate scenario would be.

Mom: Janice, you have yet to wear that dress that I bought you. What’s wrong with it.

Janice: I haven’t worn it because it’s not my type.

The thing that bothers me is people say some shit and then slap the word STRAIGHT FORWARD on the box. Like No it just can’t be that way! Now there are some people that will say things that they mean and say it in a blunt way. For example

Him: I’m sorry I cheated on you

Her : No you’re only sorry you got caught, and in all honesty you are a poor excuse of a lover and I hate the fact that I wasted my fucking time on a sorry ass bastard like you. You can go to hell and tell the devil I said hello.

If you’re a straightforward person it is okay to be an asshole when you are passionately angry but if a person is an asshole all around then they shouldn’t be yelling I WAS ONLY KEEPING IT REAL. I also think that it would be best to let it be known that it is best to leave your comment in plain view. SOPHISTICATED but in PLAIN WORDS.