Joseline Hernandez Puts Mona Scott Young on Blast again

So Mona Scott Young is being thrown down under after it was learned by another reality TV star Joseline Hernandez that Mona actually helps create the drama and puts it into the stars lives. Joseline is now openly admitting that she spots the bullshit and she is calling it out.

She literally blasts her now in my opinion I think this is just a case of “A BISH FINALLY JUST WOKE UP SYNDROME” No not literally calling her a bitch but lets check out this video.

Now  I do find it pretty funny that Joseline is now catching on, this is with every reality tv show though. Like Mona is making money while you guys are the front face and poster children of the show. This is nothing new and I had only wish she and everyone else had caught on, but it seems like getting payed to show your personal lives (Sex, Hustle, Struggles and Family) is finally getting tiring for you guys. Chrissy Lampkin got sick of that shit too.