VIDEO | Boyfriend beats Pregnant Girlfriend leaves her skull exposed.

A Virginian man was found guilty after he viciously beat his pregnant girlfriend as she was crutching her way through a convenient store.

Jamar Bernard Woody maliciously violated his 26-year-old Shatory Irving so badly that her skull could be seen through an inch long wound in her forehead.


The horrific incident was captured on video surveillance inside a Roanoke, Va. convenience store in June, 2016.

Irving was three-months-pregnant and on crutches for a broken ankle when Woody launched into a savage attack on her.

The camera from the convenient store  shows Woody shoving Irving in her back before punching her to the floor. He is seen cruelly stomping, kicking and punching the defenseless woman as she lay on the floor.

The couple’s baby was born premature but healthy last year.


Source Sandra R.

I am currently wondering what caused him to do this to this woman. Till this day I don’t condone putting my hands on a woman…I will say that this wasn’t deserved at all. She had no way to defend herself because she was pregnant and also ON CRUTCHES and obviously he didn’t care about the fact that this woman is carrying and nurturing his baby and she will be the mother of his child. And just to know that he had the potential of killing his own child just makes me sick to my stomach.

Sad.and disgusting.

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