OH HELL | Pregnant woman loses her temper and runs over purse thief at Wal-Mart.

A DailyMail report details a violent purse-snatching that went HARD left when 5-months-pregnant Christine Braswell used her SUV to chase down and run over a man who thought she was gonna be a easy victim.

Somehow this guy on suffered minor injuries and is expected to recover. Braswell was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

We totally get being livid and wanting your belongings back, but DAMN she took it to another level!

Witnesses said they saw the man ransacking the SUV and confronted Raines, which is when he ran away.
As he trotted topless across the parking lot, he was suddenly hit from behind and the purse can be seen flying into the air upon impact.



I think the judge should just leave her be.


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