Is James Hall really gay?

It goes down in the dm, it goes down in THE dm. 

So recently a gospel singer by the name of James Hall was blasted by one of his alleged consorts by the name of Bishop Jeffrey Thomas, from North Carolina.

So I’m gonna give you the story and my opinon on this okay. Story goes that Hall befriended Thomas after he was struggling with an illness. Hall makes claims that the relationship was more christian-like love, and nothing more. He says he didn’t want it to be nothing more than that but Thomas kept pushing the envelope and he declined plenty of times.

When Hall didn’t have the same feelings for him, Thomas flew into a jealous rage.

The lawsuit states Thomas took to his social media to hint about their sexual relationship. He also contacted members of the church to spread more rumors.

“There is not justification for this conduct. Mr. Thomas has never expressed any purpose to his actions other than some imagined relationship he believes he has with me and is nothing more than a disgruntled fan.” –
James Hall

Thomas is also threatening to release a sex tape and nude photos of Hall and another man named Pastor Kevin Bond.

Later on Thomas put out a photo on social media, that rubbed many the wrong way and he had deleted it. Take a look down below….


A little odd don’t you think?

Hall went online to explain things and share his side of the story on that photo.

James Hall’s Post

Here are a few more photos of James Hall and Thomas as friends……lol



Now in my personal opinion this thing could go two ways.

There could be a gay relationship… On what planet does two men hop in the same bed together and take photos like that. I mean either you guys are close friends or you guys are gay together. OR GAY FOR OTHER PEOPLE  I DON’T KNOW. Maybe there was a gay relationship and Hall is now denying it because he figures this is where his money is coming from and if the church finds out that he is gay as well, that he wont be getting his coins.

Maybe There isn’t one. I have to admit that maybe they are just that close and that much of best friends and Hall was just that naive and couldn’t see through the waters that Bishop was into him.

but below here are some questionable photos Bishop Thomas released to one of my sources that does raise eyebrows.

There was also claims made by Thomas that Hall and Pastor Bond did have a sexual affair going on.

This is crazy because anyone with sense can spot red signs. Something isn’t adding up and I’m not putting anything past it anymore. And yes I posted a photo of a man’s bottom on my blog. lol



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