19-year-old Brooklyn Dad Arrested For Putting His Baby in Coma because baby’s mom didn’t abort.

There is so much with this story that I just can’t bare.

A Brooklyn man by the name of Shaquan Taylor was arrested for brutally beating his own 18-month-old child into a coma. The young man was well known for going on facebook rants about the mother of his child  Tammy Lewis and had did it prior to the incident.  “I told that lil bi-ch to get an abortion” he stated on social media.  Though he had done that, the mother had decided to put all things aside and let Shaquan see his daughter. 

Sometime around Sunday Shaquan had sent a message to Tammy saying that there was an issue and she should come get their daughter Nylah. Police report that when Tammy came she had found her daughter face up struggling to breathe.

Image result for shaquan taylor father

Shaquan Taylor (father of Nylah)


Police say the daddy was alone with the little girl and reportedly cracked her skull and blackened her eye, causing he



r brain to bleed. The little girl is still in a coma as of this morning. Doctors says they’ll be surprised if she makes in the next 24 hours. Taylor said he didn’t beat Nylah and that the child fell off the bed. Then he changed his story to say she fell off the toilet. None of the injuries add up, according to officials.

Taylor was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court early Tuesday, his 19th birthday, and ordered held on $250,000 bail. SMH. He was hit with felony assault charges and act

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi

Beautiful Little baby Nylah

ing in a manner injurious to a child younger than 17.


Okay this aint new, where we hear about people killing their children, it’s been happening for centuries but the issues with the baby mama’s and girlfriends, boyfriends and things like that is really irking my nerves. There was so many ways to go around this situation.

First off and foremost the thing that should’ve been done was protection, if you are going to have sex you should have protection or if you are going to not wear protection then you should at least have the conversation of (How are you as a mother? What are your goals? Are you ready for this if such incident happens?) Which is another reason I condemn unprotected sex a lot of times because it just isn’t that safe and the outcome is either one of two things…A DISEASE/ KID or A LOVELY NUT.

Then the other thing I want to say is that this father shouldn’t have took any anger out on the child, because she is just here and she doesn’t do anything but live. No one asked to be on this earth but it is their parent’s choice to bring that child into the equation so, at the end of the day it’s you and her (THE MOTHER’S) fault so beating on the child shouldn’t have been the thing to do.


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