WTF | Popular Youtube singer Austin Jones Arrested for Production of Child Pornography.

Wait, wait whoaa hold the fuck up, So you doin shit like this. It’s odd to understand this shit and I don’t want to ever understand it. Fucking sick.


According to Rolling Stones, a YouTube singer by the name of Austin Jones was arrested for the production of Child Pornography. The 24-year old was returning from a concert in Poland on Monday when he was taken into custody at  Chicago O’hare’s Airport. The YouTube singer was arrested for two counts of Child Pornography. If found Guilty he would be in prison for 15-years.

According to DUDE COMEDY:

Jones will remain in federal custody until his court hearing Wednesday because prosecutors say he is a “risk to the community and there’s a danger he’ll flee.”

Court documents state that Jones was allegedly in communication with two underage female victims via Facebook in August 2016 and May 2017, and in both interactions, had asked the 14- and 15-year-old victims to “prove” to him that they were his biggest fans by sending him sexually explicit videos.

The story of what he was asking these girls to do and how he pushed them to do it is extremely disturbing. Another YouTuber who does a news show did a great job of breaking it all down.


Truly sick and disgusting.

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