Guy spends life savings on girl only to discover she was a CATFISH

Man, I don’t know what I would do if I was this guy. Maybe I would  find the bitch and kill her move on, or maybe I would try to get my money back because some way somehow I’m gonna get my shit back.

A 28-Year old man fell deeply head over heels over a fitness model on Instagram (Worst of all places, fuckin social media) but he didn’t know that this was the beginning of the catfish game.

This catfish, who goes by the name of Carrol Brown, used photos of Courtney Wilsnagh, including selfies, gym videos and birthday photos to lure a vulnerable man into working two jobs in order to buy her a diamond ring so that he could marry her.

The victim wants to remain anonymous but he says that he feels like dying, and not in the way of suicide but he feels like he could just give up automatically especially finding out that the whole time it was a game being played.

The man told UNILAD of his plans to marry Carrol, having turned down two marriage proposals from other women and was working two jobs in order to afford a diamond ring.

The suspect (Carrol Brown) had then sent a photo  of a birthday cake (PICTURED ABOVE) and sent it to the victim saying It was her birthday and she wanted a gift from him.

Though this catfish wasn’t caught yet the person who created the persona Carrol Brown had it very calculated and had photos to go along with scenarios that they might encounter. I will say this was a smart and well played out plan.

It makes me feel sad and upset that someone would use me in that way to hurt and take advantage of kind innocent people, and I feel kind of violated when my identity is being used without my knowledge. The victim told Dude Comedy


It’s really hurt me, I loved her a lot. I got two marriage proposals that I turned down for her.

It’s difficult to breathe daily. I think what happened to me? What have I done to deserve this? Did I do anything wrong?

I was deeply in love with her and now I feel like I’m dying.

I don’t have answers for my family, I don’t have answers for my friends, I don’t have answers for this world, I’m feeling very bad.

She always had an excuse as to why she couldn’t get on camera saying her camera was broke and shit like that.

I wouldn’t have sent her shit else fuck that.

How the fuck she get in West Africa?

See this is why I don’t trust online dating of any sort, bitches be lying half the damn time. Like this right here  I can’t deal. And how does she expect you to send an Iphone Card when yo ass got an Android. What the actual fuck, dude you got played. Don’t feel bad because we all did and it’s just another life situation.

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