Nick Gordan arrested for beating up new girlfriend.


You know its funny when this is about the second time this guy has gotten locked up over some of this bull shit, gives me reason to believe that Bobbi Kristina didn’t drown in suicide but more of in homicide. I’ve never put it past him or that Pat lady. 

Via sfta: According to TMZ, Gordon was taken into custody by police in Sanford, Florida, on Saturday afternoon (June 10, 2017) and faces a domestic violence battery charge as well as a charge of kidnapping and false imprisonment of an adult.

Gordon is alleged to have assaulted his new girlfriend so severely that she needed to seek

Image result for nick gordon new girl

treatment at a hospital on Friday night.

Law enforcement tells us … the girlfriend filed a report at the police station Saturday morning claiming she’d been battered and not allowed to leave their residence.

We’re told officers went to the residence and found Nick at the pool area.


The next morning, she appeared at a Sanford police station and filed a report claiming that she was beaten and not permitted to leave her house.

Photos of the woman obtained by TMZ show a number of black and blue marks on her left upper arm and bicep region. There are also several discernible marks on her forearm.


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