Family Sues to stop Dead Beat Son from cutting off mom’s life support.

We hear about dead beat dads most times but here is one that we never really hear of often. A “dead beat son”, who  is so cruel that he wants to cut off his mother’s life support and other resources to end her life, just so he could spend her money. I’m looking at this shit like where the fuck is the compassion and the love?

Leonie LaMont

A woman is currently laying in a Bronx Nursing Home slowly dying, she is trying to survive but her son wants her gone just for her money.

Leonie LaMont’s family wants a state appeals court to restore water, food and other life support to the 65-year-old former nurse. They say her deadbeat son agreed to cut her life support to get her money.

“You can’t just put this woman down like that,” said Marian McPherson, LaMont’s aunt. “I hate to see her die. She can get better and live, I see that. She’s not a vegetable.”

McPherson, 66, said in court papers that LaMont tried to talk to her when she visited the Hebrew Home for the Aged this month and that a nurse confided her niece “is not brain dead.”

But last week, the home removed her feeding tube.

“The son wants her dead,” said Sandra Prowley, a lawyer for McPherson and other family members. “It’s all about money.”

LaMont immigrated to the US from Jamaica in 1967 and was a nurse at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital for many years to support her son, Donovan Johnson, 45.

“He kept pushing her around asking her for money, money, money,” McPherson said. “She would say to me, ‘I’m so fed up with my son. He don’t want to work.’ ”

A state Supreme Court judge last month denied the family’s request that LaMont be fed. The family took the case to the Appellate Division.

McPherson, in an appeal to the court, asked that someone visit LaMont before making a medical determination.

“My niece is not dead, and her life is in your hands,” she wrote.

A lawyer for the Hebrew Home said it was following “well-settled law” that lets family members make decisions for someone who is incapacitated if there is no living will.

Johnson did not return a request for comment.

Via New York Post


Thank God, I wasn’t raised this way to have a heart full of lust for money and treasure. People need to learn that you only get one mother and they need to respect and cherish their time with her. My mom isn’t that much older than me and yes we bicker and argue but you wouldn’t see anything of this sort. My mom has put me through hell and back but I still would kill for this woman in order to protect her. This guy here just wouldn’t even stare at a fly wrong for his. Maybe there was some sort of disagreement between the two or maybe he just needs the money for something and he is deciding to do this.


What do you think is going on here?

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