SEX|The Facts About the Mysterious Female Orgasm.

Okay Guys, I know this is hard to sit in in but it’s best to learn it especially if you love serving yo woman’s good ole stuff. The best thing to do is take this lesson and love it. I am going to give you ten facts on the Female Orgasm. The inspiration for this post is because one of my friends on Facebook recently posted a post on Facebook on how she hates not having one and faking on so  I decided to just go ahead and slam out ten post on the female orgasm.


1.Female Orgasms Increase the likelihood of a baby.

If you have no plans of being with a woman, and you guys are just doing this shit raw, ummm you best get up now! Because most times when a female reaches her orgasm her fluids has the ability to carry your semen down to her cervix. Some new evidence tells  that the powerful rhythmic contractions of the vagina during orgasm, has the ability to retain seminal fluids and up-suck it into the cervix. This definitely increases the likelihood of conception. The idea behind this is that female orgasm is another mechanism by which women can decide who they genetically combine with. An American study suggests cunnilingus-assisted orgasms may actually be another way to help with sperm retention. Apparently, female orgasms that occur within 45 minutes of ejaculation help with retaining sperm.

Wow! Shocker

2. Women fake Orgasms for the devotion of their partners.

Some men just know it and some just don’t but they keep on trying and thinkin’ they’re the best. Sometimes women do fake their orgasms in order to keep their mate happy and with them. The study reports that women who thought their partners were just playing around would just do this to keep him happy and pandering with his ego.

So that’s right brothas sometimes you aren’t even doing anything special.


3. Orgasms takes away pain

“Same reason doctors give children candy after their visit…..make things seem okay after all-in fact there are several, but one of them is as basic as “something good cancels out something bad.” Positive stimuli also help to misdirect the person’s attention, helping them to forget about the bad thing that just happened. The benefits of orgasm are also physiological. Oxytocin also helps with bonding, relaxation and other emotional states. So if you have a headache, you may actually be better off having an orgasm than not having sex.”

Most times this is the main focus, you don’t need to always have sex just get to orgasm and stfu.

4. The Brain is a sex organ as well as the vagina

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but thank God someone else is saying this as well.  Yes a lot of us forget that “the most powerful sexual organ in the body is the brain.” Most would call it myth but this is actually truth because you obviously can’t do shit with your sex organs if your brain isn’t analyzing everything in the heat of the moment. Also sex is related to your emotions, if you aren’t in the mood then it’s not happening.  I don’t know how many time’s I’ve said this to people sometimes sex just isn’t the best answer, an orgasm isn’t always the best answer to everything. Sometimes sex is the right thing sometimes it isn’t.

5. Thinking yourself into Orgasms

The pleasure centres of the brain associated with orgasm light up in women who think themselves to orgasm in exactly the same way as in women who orgasm through more conventional means,’ says Dr Barry Komisaruk, co-author of The Science Of Orgasm.

These centres don’t light up when a woman fakes an orgasm, it definitely has to be real. The women he examined were most times in a state of bliss using a combination of fantasies and breathing.

6. Sometimes it just can’t be controlled (Rape)

A lot of times with most rape victims they hate the thought that they reached an orgasm during a traumatic and hateful experience. But what most people don’t know is that arousal/orgasms can happen due to the body’s response to a certain act. It’s only natural even though the person may hate it the human body just acts on it to adjust to the act and ease up the discomfort. Most people who aren’t even enjoying the act mentally or emotionally experience this and blame themselves later on. Some rape victims speak of ‘going somewhere else’ mentally, and then being pulled back into the moment by orgasm

7. Take your time

Okay so as said before you don’t really need an orgasm based off of just sex.  Normally sex only lasts about seven minutes, but to be honest most men and women wish it was actually longer. (yes I hear it from both sexes but mostly women) Scientist Barry Mccarthy states that it’s pretty rare for sex to occur longer than that of 12 minutes, which is very unfortunate because the female orgasm takes about 15 to 20 minutes to occur. Many women report that when it does, it lasts longer than 20 seconds.

8.Orgasms Get Better as you get older

A lot of things began to decline and decay as we get older, but orgasm frequency gets better with age. A study done in the United States states that among females, although older age was associated with lubrication problems, the chances of orgasm actually increased! This may or may not be due to the fact that the size of the clitoris increases as women age.

Sorry guys we’re not in this category.

9.Women orgasm in multiple ways guys, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you.

Women don’t always orgasm (see above). The thoughts of Intimacy and closeness are an important part of  having sex (Sensualityyyyy). Although on average women don’t orgasm as much as men, women can achieve them in a huge number of ways. Women have reported experiencing an orgasm from stimulation of the breasts or mouth (and obviously the clitoris), and even during sleep-(Omg, is it the REM SLEEP?). Evidence for the existence of the (strictly) vaginal orgasm however, is questionable.

10. No one knows why women actually Orgasm

This statement might seem like privileged male propaganda, but the fact is that there is no well agreed upon explanation for the female orgasm. Accounting for the male orgasm is fairly straightforward — ejaculation is necessary for reproduction — but conception can occur in the absence of the female orgasm. In addition to some of the explanations that have been discussed previously in this article, scientists have speculated that it might just be a by-product of the male and female anatomy being similar (men have nipples). Evidence from twin studies is inconsistent with this theory however.

Evolutionary psychologists are interested in the adaptive purposes of things. Basically how does this thing help us to survive or reproduce. Explaining the adaptive purpose of the male orgasm is trivial, but why females orgasm is still the subject of debate. Whatever the case, I’m confident that the overwhelming majority of people are incredibly thankful for the existence of this seismic earth-shattering event.


My my my! ummm WOW You know I was gonna use Christina Aguilera’s face for this one but I guess I can just stick to the photo I have already……..nah but I wanna show you Chrissy’s orgasm face.

Image result for christina aguilera orgasm face

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