90-year-old Mauled To Death After ADOPTING 50LB Pit Bull


The Victim’s Home

A Grandmother from Virginia Beach was attacked by her pit bull that she had just adopted. The daughter of the elderly woman says that the attack was unprovoked and happened out of nowhere.

The victim’s daughter said she couldn’t do anything to stop the dog during his five minutes of destruction. The daughter tells the story that the old woman utilized a hammer to break open a glass case and that was what triggered the dog. Then he started to bite her neck and shoulders and then her stomach. Her daughter grabbed the hammer to hit the dog hoping to knock him out, to save her mom. But, her efforts were too late. Her mother lie there dying in a pool of blood.

Blue the dog

Advertisement of Dog on Rehab Website

Linda, the victim’s daughter says her mom adopted the dog from Forever Home Rehabilitation Center after seeing a posting on Craigslist to adopt the dog for $20.

Just truly sad because this is a situation where what she probably wanted to use as protection backfired and killed her. I mean this has happened plenty of times and most times no one see it coming. I  think this dog was probably used in the past to protect a homeowner from an intruder or trained to respond from the sound of breaking glass.

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