Police Raid House of suspected drug dealer while being recorded on Facebook Live

Image result for breon hollins mugshot

The man pictured above is Breon Hollings, who is 22 years old. You do realize that this is a mugshot but Breon is like Nene Leakes, he  is a RICH BITCH!

Image result for nene leakes gif

No literally. But Breon has been caught up by the police and the reason this is published because Ironically while recording a video on Facebook live of him and his big wads of cash, the police barges in and takes him away!  Get the facebook live video down below if you want proof….

In the video above, Breon decides that he is going to  joyfully boast about his gains as he flashes it all online during a Facebook Live video.
Soon, it is seen as he leaves the room to check a noise and viewers then hear, “This is Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. We have a search warrant,” .

(This was the moment I died lol…..)

A series of loud noises can also be heard in the video as the authorities gain entrance to Hollings home.

one neighbor told News4Jax.

“It was like a bomb going off,”

“It shook my house, literally. The kids were in the front room right here, and I had to move them to the back room.”

Officers are then seen entering the room where Hollings was recording his live video and it appears one even spotted the cash left behind. Which I wonder did he take FOR HIMSELF?

When he leaves the room another member of the SWAT team appears to recognize that he’s being watched before he appears to switch off the live stream.

Hollings was arrested on several charges, including possession of a controlled substance, possession of cocaine, and possession of a weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon.

Hollings is being held in lieu of $425,012 and is due in court June 22.


Lol getting caught up is a hellofa drug! lol



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