Andrews, South Carolina Bank Gets robbed following bomb threat. Robber got away on Bike!

Andrews TD Bank robbery

Okay so you only see this type shit in movies. Check this out, okay Andrews, South Carolina is a small town that is basically a past through to get to a slightly larger city. It’s very quiet and lowkey but you don’t see much city shit going on here. Like people screaming at one another, children running the streets or GUYS CALLING IN BOMB THREATS AND ROBBING BANKS…..


Police have released pictures of the suspect in a Monday bank robbery in Andrews.

The robbery happened around noon at TD Bank, and Andrews Police Chief Melvyn Garrett said police think one suspect was involved.

The images show a person with their face covered and wearing a white shirt while pointing a gun at the bank teller.

Garrett said the suspect left on a blue bicycle. No one was injured in the robbery.

Shortly before the robbery, a bomb threat was called in at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store in Andrews. Garrett said a bomb squad cleared the scene at the store.

Garrett said the bomb threat may have been a diversion for the bank robbery.

Andrews Police and the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the robbery.

Anyone with information on the robbery or bomb threat should contact the Andrews Police Department or the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office.Full statement from Garrett:Around noon today, the Andrews Police department responded to the Piggly Wiggly located at 15 West Ashland street in reference to a bomb threat. Units quickly arrived, cordon off the area, and cleared the workers and patrons from inside. Contact was then made with Horry County Bomb squad who responded to the scene to check for explosive devices. Moments later, Officers received a report of an armed robbery at the TD Bank located on South Morgan Avenue. Units responded to the bank, secured the area, and requested the Sheriff’s Office blood hound team.I cannot confirm that the two incidents are related; however, it would appear that the bomb threat was called in as a diversion.

The robber got away on a bicycle by the way.


I personally believe that this plan was all too stupid but smart at the same time. Because Andrews is a small town with a railroad track going through it. The overpass is far off from the city. Why not call a bomb threat in at the Food Lion store that’s far off? Besides I had already thought of more schemes but I don’t plan to rob any banks lol


This shit is funny!


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