SHAAADE | What Mona Scott Young Thinks about Joseline Quitting LHHATL

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So as I announced before, after Joseline Hernandez went off on Mona Scott Young she also had went on to say that she is quitting Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. In case you missed that click here.

Joseline had also threatened to expose Mona on Oprah (lol) and it is crazy with all of that bull shit. Now that we have Joseline’s side let’s get Mona’s word on the issue.

Mona went on to give some classy shade on Joseline through instagram by posting an old vintage photo of Oprah Winfrey.

The post was about removing Toxic people from your lives.


A post shared by Mona Scott-Young (@monascottyoung) on Jun 1, 2017 at 4:10pm PDT


But Mona aren’t you actually a toxic person. Like come on lets be real you get all of these people together just so that they can fight and put their lives on blast, while you sit back and make all of your money. I mean it is a nice idea at the end of the day.


Now that was some real ass shade right there.


What do you think about Joseline quitting Love and Hip Hop?


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